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We are creative media partnership that specialize in commercial audio and visual productions based in Wexford in the South East of Ireland. We are home of The HedgeRadio Podcast which is growing in popularity due to its unique storytelling style. We can develop,  produce,  shoot,  record  and  edit your video and/or audio so it tells your story in the most engaging way possible for your audience. We are however, more than just a audiovisual production company, we will be your creative partner that works with you to produce eye catching advertisements, corporate films, promotional videos, radio ads, podcasts and much much more. If you would like us to help you tell your story?

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Not sponsored by Antonio Banderas - Part 1

Sometimes the amazing stories of real life characters are hijacked by myths and the essence of what makes them great are sometimes overlooked. This episode is about one such character, a legend in Mexico but almost unheard of in his homeland of Ireland.
William Lamport lived an incredible life, from the tender age of 14 he had a King's ransom on his head and in Mexico he would write a Declaration of Independence that shook the foundations of the Spanish Empire and marked him out as a someone ahead of his time. So why did Zorro hijack him and hide him from us for all these years? Stay, and have a listen
Bloody Sunday 1920

is a poem written by a young Wexford poet named Jack Matthews. He wanted to remember the victims of the 1920 tragedy in Croke Park. Myself and Chris in starting Crannóg  Media both agreed it was important to help and nurture young talent whenever we could. This is one of those projects. We think jack has a big future ahead of him.


Upcoming Projects

Say it, Feel it is a collaborative project with The Irish Hospice Foundation, made possible by funding from Creative Ireland. Say it, feel it  is a creative response to the themes of dying, death and bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to give voice to those grieving and dying who cannot have loved ones close. Voices that have been robbed of the chance to express laughter, love and stories of those they have lost during the pandemic.  The project will be hosted on it's own website, where you will be able to listen to a handful of the stories we capture. This project will be completed at the end of March.