New Year 2021 Challenges - Another Lockdown

New year, new you, well new me, well actually new us! This is our first new year as a new company. Myself and Chris are definitely excited by the prospect of creating our own media company, being our own bosses deciding what we create. However we are also aware that it will be hard work, with lots of uncertainty and challenges along the way, not least of all we are starting the new year in another lock down due to Covid 19. Well that certainly throws up a lot of challenges you would think but surely too, some opportunities for businesses?

We know people are spending more time online then ever before and we know its video and podcasts they are consuming the most. Well now that's exactly what we do, we create videos and podcasts. We are sorted with no challenges here! That's not strictly true of course, the challenge is huge! Getting your message in front of people has always been a challenge and now more than ever it’s important to create engaging content that adds value to our audiences, customers, and communities.

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We are a small business trying to get our message in front of other small businesses. And our message is they need to get their message in front of their customers. There is no doubt video is the way but what's more important is the content of the video and that is the story! Our previous blog post listed the 5 essentials every corporate film needs and top of that list was story. Story is King! We have heard it for years from all the great authors, filmmakers and content creators. So our challenge is to tell our story and your challenge is to tell yours. We are working on it, we hope you are too!

Alan B.